Privacy Policy

This website respects the privacy of people who view and visit regularly. We need to implement a strict Privacy Policy because our responsibility is to secure the information we collect. This policy handles the gathered information from the different visitors and this is crucial in helping us to clarify the collected data.

We want to remind all our visitors and users that this guideline is crucial if they choose to visit and views whatever content we post online. We always impose legitimate rules that people who visit and use any service need to follow without hesitation.

Required Data

Before we allow our users and visitors to proceed using our site, we have some important data or information to collect, which may include their home addresses, legal names, valid emails and age. When gathering these aforementioned data, we do not force the users and visitors because we require them to submit voluntarily.

Sharing of Collected Information

The details or data we collect from our users and visitors are always safe when handling them. If ever there is a requirement to share or distribute any gathered information, we may allow the requesting party with an agreed term. The shared data must not be part of any illegal activity and they need to understand this matter. If ever there is a request from other relevant parties, we keep the agreement legal and truthful.

Checking of Web Cookies

We follow the rule when it comes to Internet cookies evaluation because we do not want to experience any problem. When we talk about the rules imposed when checking web cookies, we also respect the guideline of the existing EU cookie policy. The details we evaluate from the Internet beacons usually include the user’s operating system and the actual browser. We gather these details because we need to assure the monitoring of those who are visiting us on a regular basis. Should we decide to utilize these data, we follow the exact rules and our primary objective is to improve our service online.

Changing of Privacy Policy

The existing Privacy Policy is important and if we decide to change this guideline, we have the full authority. We can delete or change any existing data from the policy and we do not need any kind of consent when we decide.